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Pablo Grand lives up to his name. 

A son of Cuban and Nicaraguan immigrants, Pablo was born in Dallas, Texas and would spend most of his childhood there before ultimately moving to Miami after an overnight decision by his mother to uproot and leave. 

Having moved most of his life, Pablo cultivated a passion for meeting new faces, helping others, and expressing himself unapologetically through his love for music. 

Growing up, Pablo’s father would play various genres of music ranging from the likes of Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson, molding Pablo’s personal style and taste for music - he would later look back to these memories for inspiration when creating his own sound during the beginning of his career. 

More versatile than you’d expect, his music wavers from Reggaetton and Hip Hop to conscious trap - with an ability to flow seamlessly between Spanish and English, and his connection to Miami’s underground producers, Pablo Grand has created music to reach Miami’s diverse demographic. His work has a message and a sound to connect with everyone. 

In 2018, Pablo made the decision to really pursue music seriously. He quickly made waves within the local Miami music scenes by curating events through his organization, Vice City Love. Building residency at The Spot Wynwood, a performance venue now known as a home for local rappers within Miami, Pablo aimed to be a different kind of event curator - one that would refuse to charge artists to perform. Instead, he negotiated business deals in order to ensure artists were paid and never taken advantage of. His concern for women’s safety is yet another factor setting him apart, as he works to provide an atmosphere where women are not harassed but instead protected by the men and people around them. 

Since its creation, Pablo has hosted and curated 5 different shows, collabing with other curators within the community. His biggest event thus far has been for Art Basel 2019. 

Pablo Grand has also performed within Miami - Backroom Sessions, Wearelovehope, Soultree FL, and the Gfucius showcase are just a few of the events he’s been in a line up for. He has been consistent with his support for local venues, performing at popular hubs such as Roots Miami, Sidebar, Lincoln’s Beard Brewery and the Wynwood Marketplace. 

As for his work with other artists, Pablo has connected with various genre & community leaders during his time creating music. Acting as a bridge between Miami, Broward, and Boston, he’s worked alongside Lxui Savage for Art Basel, has created tracks featuring Charlie Tripp, King Kiloz, and Tomo - his versatility as an artist being proven through the uniqueness within every piece and feature he’s made. 

These days, Pablo continues in the business of running his Tuesday night Artist & Industry Meet up, known as La Casa Mia. On Thursdays he can be found running ABO: Knock Out Mic, a local open mic Pablo has recently launched at Smart Bites restaurant. Meanwhile, his next Latin-themed EP with Charlie Tripp is aimed to be released in the coming months - stay tuned for grand projects coming your way!